The past year has been tough for everyone, so now is a great time to have some fun and challenge yourself by climbing Mount Snowdon with The Living Room.

For those of you attending this event, here are some reminders for the day:

Departure: 6am from the Stevenage Hub - please arrive on time.

Arrival at Snowdon: 10am

Time to climb: Ascent and descent normally takes around four to five hours, weather dependent. We will ascend via the pyg track and descend via the miners track.

Departure: 5:30pm coach leaves Snowdon.

Arrival at Stevenage: 9:30/10pm 

All times are estimates as we are dependent on traffic and other external factors. Please make sure you arrive at the Stevenage Hub on time for departure.

Participants must bring their own food, appropriate clothing and a degree of First Aid if preferred.

The café at the top of Snowdon is currently closed due to covid restrictions.

This will be a great day and a challenge for all. We look forward to climbing with you!

Which routes are we taking?
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We will ascend using the PYG Track and descend using the Miners Track.

What should I wear?
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You will need to wear sensible walking-appropriate clothing. The Visit Wales website have a great list of what sensible clothing means:

  • Ankle supporting walking boots, not trainers and definitely no flip flops.
  • Comfy walking socks. Look after your feet, they’ll be working hard!
  • Avoid jeans! Walking trousers or trousers with stretchy materials that will be comfy to wear for a long time and dry quickly if you get wet are best.
  • Go for layers - think t-shirt, long sleeved top and a fleece. Base layers in the colder months are ideal.
  • Waterproofs, even on a sunny day. You never know!
  • Hat, sun cream and sunglasses for sunny days, warm hat, gloves and a scarf / chute in colder months.
  • Spare socks and a clean t-shirt. You’ll get sweaty!
What do I need to bring?
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Here's a short list of what you'll need on the day:

  • Rucksack.
  • Charged phone – although be warned there isn’t much signal until you get to the top.
  • Food – high energy snacks plus lunch.
  • Plenty to drink.
  • First Aid (personal choice)