Cracking on with things now which is great. Over the last week, three's been some good progress. My girlfriend, Cathryn, has nominated herself project manager, lol! Sometimes I need a push! The fact is that I find it difficult to ask for help, my pride gets in the way and doesn't want to be hurt. To be able to look at my feelings, behaviour, thoughts and actions still, encourages me that I am on the right path, so to speak. 

So I now have a schedule, a list of things to do over the coming weeks/months that include the official launch in January to help spread the word, raise funds and sponsorship and plan my route to include all the stops and accommodation.

This week also I have been working on a timelines of events, so at present contacting all the local magazines in St Albans, Stevenage and Hatfield, where I live in Hertfordshire. Two of them have come back to me so far, which is great, but I will have to look at chasing the others in the hope they might come on board too.

I am reminded by the last verse of one of my favourite poems that helped me through a particularly difficult time, but Henry Wadworth. "Let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate, still achieving still pursuing, learn to labour learn to wait."

Best wishes for this festive time.