Ever thought about running a marathon from home? Or maybe you’re more of a long-distance walker? Well, we might just have found the perfect event for you. We’re excited to announce that we have spaces left for this year's Virtual London Marathon! 

How does it work? 

You’ll have 24 hours to run the 26.2 miles, the only difference here is you get to pick your own route! We can create a special The Living Room team route, or you can be totally independent, you can even walk it if you fancy it! 

You'll be given access to the Official Virgin Money London Marathon App to track your progress and when you complete the 26.2 miles your well-earned finishers medal and T-Shirt sent will be sent straight to you in the post! For more detail on how the event and the app work, check out the official Virgin Money information page.

Do I need to raise money?

Yes, this is a fundraising event, so we ask that runners are prepared to get sponsors. You'll create your own online Virgin Money Giving fundraising page and we will support you the whole way by sharing your progress on social media and in our newsletters.

We don't have a specific target amount per runner but we will ask you how much you hope to raise on your application form. 

How do I apply? 

As far as our application process goes, all we want to know is why you want to run and raise money for The Living Room and how much you hope to raise.

Spaces are limited and we only have until Wednesday 18th August to register our runners, so the sooner you get into contact with us the better! 

You can apply today by completing this short form

What happens once I’m signed up? 

Once signed up we’ll support you the whole way, sharing your fundraising page and giving you special The Living Room merch to wear on the day. We can even come up with a special The Living Room route for our runners to take, the choice will be yours! 

If you have any other questions, just get in touch with Lara our Community Fundraiser and Marketing Officer, we're here to help.