Vicky Cottom name is Vicky.
I have the honour and privilege of running in this year's London marathon on behalf of The Living Room. I have accepted this gruelling and massive challenge of 26.2 miles so that I can raise some funds to help this amazing charity continue their awesome work in changing lives and brightening futures.
A little bit about me.....I am a 40 something (!) mum of two. I work full time as a nurse and live in Stevenage with my husband and boys. I'm passionate about our local community and us all helping each other however we can. A best friend of mine has been helped by The Living Room in the past and this is my way of saying a big thank you to them on her behalf. I started running about 2 years ago. I find it a great way to relieve stress from everyday life and to get out in the fresh air. I mostly train around the cycle ways in Stevenage so you may well see me red faced and puffing out in all weather's!!!

Vicky Cottom