Morgan Edwards

Since being in recovery for the last five years myself, I am shocked at the number of people whom I have come into contact with who have sadly passed away. People who, if you were to meet them in a cafe or on the train you might think what a nice person that was. Well they were, all those I was fortunate enough to meet, very nice, loving and caring people. So what happened you might ask? Well I ask myself this same question almost every day, and I now ask you to just spare a moment or two, to share my journey with me, or a pound or two if you are busy, either or both of which could help save a life.

My aim is to ride over 2500 miles around the UK visiting over 30 drug, alcohol and mental health rehabilitation centres on my travels. My aim also is to get people talking, as it was talking and listening to people that changed my life in the most positive way, that it feels only dreams are made of. From the pits of despair I have been given a new lease of life, and in recovery I have gained my motorcycle licence and travelled around Europe, I am learning to sail presently which is so much fun. I am also attending college and training to be a counsellor, in the hope that I may one day play a small part in helping people get well from mental health issues.

After joining The Living Room Stevenage in January as a lunchtime mentor, I have seen the great things they do and the changes that can happen. I have seen people come in who are barely able to talk or communicate, and miraculously over the coming weeks they start to change. You see a smile where there wasn’t one before, you can almost see the weight being lifted from their shoulders as they begin their new journey. And when you see people leave excited about the future that lies ahead, it is humbling to watch. With a fantastic support structure in place, and the fact that The Living Room is free to attend, with thanks to all the supporters who fund and see the positive impact this place has in Hertfordshire.

I have been inspired by Joe and Janice Feely, Joe as he undertook this same ride in 2004 to raise awareness and valuably needed funds, and Janice for the fact that she is a prime example that persistence pays off, having founded The Living Room in 2000 which has changed the lives of thousands of worthy people, and hopefully with your support we can continue to help make changes to people’s lives and help the society that we all live in. With two locations in Hertfordshire, Stevenage and St Albans, and a third soon to be opened in Watford. Please donate what you can, and help our future.

My UK Tour For Recovery will take place from April 5th-16th 2019

Thank you for your support.

Morgan Edwards