The Living Room Hertfordshire treats people with suffering with any substance or behavioural addiction, allowing them to live their lives in a sustainable way, reducing their cost on society and helping them lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Founded by Janis Feely MBE in 2000 and now led by Chief Executive, Adrienne Arthurs, we run two centres in Hertfordshire – one in Stevenage and one in St Albans, with highly-trained counsellors providing group counselling, peer support and workshop therapy.  All of our 12-step counsellors are in long-term recovery from addictions themselves.

Addiction is incredibly harmful to both individuals and families. It is often passed down the generations as a result of parents modelling addictive behaviours to their children who may also experience neglect or abuse. By supporting the whole family to recover together we break the generational cycle of addiction.

“When I leave The Living Room I will be able to go out in to the world with a set of ‘tools’ and friends to cope with life. Without The Living Room I would still be inside drinking, damaging my health and going to an early death.”

Our mission

The Living Room’s structured day treatment offers client’s the hope of recovery whatever their addiction be to drugs, alcohol or to behaviours such as overeating, anorexia, bulimia, shoplifting, self-harm, gambling, relationships, love or sex. 

What we do

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Our values

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