Thank you for your support!

Small charities that provide huge support of local communities in Hertfordshire are being celebrated as part of Small Charity Week 24 – 28 June.

This is our chance to say thank you and raise awareness of the importance of supporting local charities like The Living Room, through donations, fundraising and volunteering.

Cost of living pressures, layered on top of the lasting effects of the pandemic, following ten years of austerity means inequalities in communities are widening and there is increasing demand on small charity services. In parallel, costs of delivering services are going up and raising funding is more challenging, with increased competition and inflation eroding the value of income.

The Living Room provides free group therapy for adults with the illness of addiction, in Hertfordshire, and supports their family members.

We deliver our free services from hubs in Stevenage, Watford and St Albans using the model of free, time unlimited group therapy and peer support, facilitated by trained counsellors with lived experience in recovery.

Mark Wiseman, The Living Room’s External Relations Director said: ‘There has never been a more important time to support small charities and the work they do in their local communities. At The Living Room, we provide people with the opportunity to explore the root cause of their own, or their loved one’s addiction and their responsibility in that.

“We help people to explore and understand the underlying trauma or reason why they picked up their drug of choice.  Our group counselling therapy enables people to make connections with others and learn tools and strategies to lead a healthy and happy life; one that benefits future generations, the economy and communities and doesn’t rely on dependency to drugs, alcohol, or behaviours for comfort. We believe that everyone has potential, and a life worth living.”

This is our chance to say thank you to everyone who supports The Living Room.

We’d also like to let people know that there are many ways you can be part of the important work we do through donations, fundraising and volunteering opportunities. You can find out more about what we do by visiting our website, or calling us for a chat on 0300 365 0304