Our treatment centres in Stevenage and St Albans provides free, intensive, structured, abstinence-based, day treatment for adults with substance addictions: alcohol, illicit and non-illicit drugs and behavioural addictions such as: eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-harm, gambling, shopping/spending, relationships, love and sex); free crèche childcare (Stevenage based); and free therapy and support for family and friends. In addition we have a variety of outreach projects in areas of need.

  • Each year 60/70% of adults in receipt of treatment for their addictions achieve abstinence-based recovery.
  • Each year approximately 60 family members and friends regain their quality of life.
  • Over the last 17 years 46 children have been returned to their parents from ‘looked after’ care and many more have been removed from the Child Protection Register.