Let us introduce The Living Room’s Yellow Tuesday to you…

You have heard of Blue Monday, right? Monday, 15th January is traditionally known as THE most depressing day of the year.

We're saying Boo to Blue Monday, we are not buying into all that negativity, so we have created the ultimate antidote - Yellow Tuesday.

We’re celebrating everything sunny by coming to The Living Room wearing something yellow, because yellow is the colour of sunshine and the happiest colour of the rainbow. It brings out positive feelings of joy, hope and happiness and lifts us up.

That might sound cheesy, but hey, cheese is yellow?

We are also holding a competition amongst our counsellors, clients, staff and volunteers for ‘The Most Random-est Yellow Thing’ that they can photograph or bring in. 

And the winner wins something yellow of course.

#yellowtuesday takes place on Tuesday, 16th January, keep an eye on our socials where we’ll be spreading our yellow vibes far and wide.