A letter to my Stepfather who died of alcoholism

The effects of addiction ripple beyond the sufferer to family, friends and the wider community. Emma-Jane Bradbury-Jackson expresses how painful it is to watch a loved one live and die with addiction in this letter to her stepfather.Read more

Local Councillors Support The Living Room

Individual Councillors throughout Hertfordshire have donated nearly £14,000 towards The Living Room during 2017/18. Thank-you for this vital contribution towards our services.Read more

Local Supermarkets Support the Community

TESCO runs a scheme for local organisations to apply to be one the charities of the month, enabling the community to vote when shopping, to support their favourite cause.Read more

Working with the Police Crime Commissioner to break the cycle of domestic violence

We're working with Hertfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, to help victims of domestic violence in our countryRead more

Janis Feely - Founder's legacy lives on

Janis Feely MBE founded The Living Room in 2000 describes her motivation for setting up the charityRead more

New Cleverboard in the Crèche

Thanks to The Toy Trust, children in the crèche now have an interactive Cleverboard to aid learning.Read more