26th August 2022

At the beginning of the year, The Living Room Crèche unfortunately shut its doors for the last time, leaving space for a second full time group room. However, recently the space and toilet facilities have been refurbished. It now has had a fresh new look to make it a more client friendly environment, so our clients feel comfortable on their journey to recovery. 

We are very thankful to Interior Options for revamping our second group room and we are highly impressed with the quality work completed. Interior Options were grateful to receive such positive feedback from us and said “Hearing positive feedback makes us all proud and for me personally it makes this worthwhile. Perhaps due to the nature of your work – this one room was more exciting for us than some significantly bigger stuff we are doing nearby. It’s good to be part of something constructive." 

This transformation could not have been made possible without your donations and contributions. Thank you.