Staggering new figures released this week by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that drug deaths in England and Wales are at an all-time high. 


Deaths recorded as drug poisoning have risen for the 10th consecutive year to the highest level since records began 30 years ago, with nearly half of deaths now involving an opiate.


Sadly, in 2022, there were 4,907 drug poisoning deaths. That is a rate of 84.4 deaths per million people. 


A stark difference to see that the 2022 rate is 81.5% higher than figures recorded from 2012.


But what help is out there for people living with addiction, and their heartbroken families, in Hertfordshire?


Adrienne Arthurs, Chief Executive of The Living Room said: “We are saddened to see this huge leap in drug deaths since 2012, and our thoughts are with the families of those who have lost loved ones to addiction. 


“We continue to work tirelessly alongside our partners to help people across Hertfordshire to get better, reintegrate into the community, and live good lives in recovery.” 


The Living Room is a charity-run addiction treatment centre which also holds Family and Carer support groups specifically to help those who are dealing with the heartbreak and difficulties of another’s addiction.


The Living Room believes that addiction doesn’t discriminate, and it can affect everyone. But recovery is possible.


Adrienne continued: “We aim to break the stigma and get people talking about addiction. Our counsellors help clients to reach in, and work to heal the pain and trauma underneath. We help them understand themselves and what is causing their behaviours. They then have the tools and self-awareness to live a full life on their journey of recovery, beyond abstinence.”


 The Living Room provides free, time-unlimited group therapy facilitated by highly trained counsellors who all have lived experience of both addiction and recovery.


It is very simple to get an assessment at our Stevenage, St Albans, or Watford Centres.