Our Vision

To provide a non-residential service, delivered by fully qualified counsellors who themselves have lived experience of addiction.  We provide therapy to help people to abstain from their drug/behaviour of choice, achieve abstinence and return to society, in secure and long-term recovery from their addiction.

We do this by:

  • Providing appropriate services and support for all members of the family, so that they can recover together
  • Recognise the illness of addiction is not limited to just drugs and alcohol
  • Providing a service where people feel loved and their potential for transformation is honoured

Read more about our approach here. 

Our Values


To provide a warm, friendly, and confidential environment with a ‘sense of belonging’ and connection.


To ensure the centre’s services are available to all irrespective of race/religion, gender, sexuality, age and/or disability


To ensure our clients’ needs are reviewed regularly, ensuring the support they receive is appropriate to their personal recovery journey.

Quality in all that we do

We employ well qualified and suitably experienced staff, remaining committed to meeting the highest quality standards across all areas of our work.


All our recovery service staff, as well as being highly qualified counsellors, have lived experience of addiction. We actively welcome clients with stable recovery to volunteer their wide range of talents.