Part of our mission is to raise awareness about addictions and effective treatment. Our professional counsellors are available to give information talks and workshops for members of the public and professionals:

1 Hour Talks available:

  1. My gambling is no longer fun, but helps me cope with a bigger issue.
  2. I shop to make me feel better, even when I don't have any the money to spend.
  3. I want to control, but my addiction is controlling me.
  4. I self-harm to feel control and a release, but my distress soon returns.
  5. At first, drinking relaxed me and made me feel confident, but now I can't cope without alcohol.
  6. I battle with my weight, but really I battle with my emotions.
  7. I spend 18 hours on computer games, because I am unhappy.
  8. He tells me he loves me, but he takes away my dignity and self-worth.
  9. She tells me she loves me, but she takes away my dignity and self-worth.
  10. Addiction and... (your choice).

Cost of talks - £30

(Discount available for VCS)

2 Hour workshops available:

  • Self-medicating to control stress, anxiety, pain, depression, loneliness, trauma and un-diagnosed mental illnesses are the top reason for abusing drugs and alcohol.
  • People start to abuse drugs and alcohol because they want to feel better than they do. Whether it is to feel fun, more relaxed or less anxious, using drugs or alcohol to feel better is a gateway to a severe addiction.

Cost of workshop - £55

(Discount available for VCS)

N.B. additional travel cost over 10 miles from Stevenage or St Albans, evening talk/workshop charge +£5

Other subjects are available. To make a booking or an enquiry, please contact [email protected]