Alex is running the St Albans Half Marathon

Alex Baker

I'm running the St Albans Half Marathon on Sunday 10th June and hoping to raise money to help the Living Room.

Dave's Rhine Valley Ride

Katie carter

I am raising funds for The Living Room as I feel it is such a worth while charity helping so many people with addictions make a recovery they would not of otherwise made thanks to the amazing team of staff there. It is a free service for the community which makes it accessible to everyone without judgement. Everyone deserves a chance in life and everyone's life is worth saving. The more awareness that is made of the work that The Living Room does the more people's lives will be saved and made so

Living Room Treatment Centre Sponsored Walk

Russell Durling

This is the treatment centre that saved me from a lifetime of drug addiction and alcoholism, helped me overcome my love addiction, and taught me how to eat properly.

Keeping people connected

Corrin Bye

The Living Room saved my Life, gave my Husband his wife back and my Children their Mummy back

Keeping people connected

Corrin Bye

The Living Room saved my life, gave my husband his wife back and my children their mummy back

15 mile hike for a life~changing addiction centre charity

Corinne Shelley

I am attending this centre full time and would like to raise money to help support their cause of breaking the cycle of addiction. Its an invaluable service that transforms lives.. For FREE!

From one Living Room to another...

Matt Hamilton

Please help me raise money for this wonderful charity.

Frenchy's Fund Raising

Paul French

Help The Living Room charity to support those with addiction and behavioural issues

Trudging the road to happy destiny7

Amelia Quinn

I'm taking part in a sponsored walk for The Living Room, which has allowed me to put my old unhealthy life down, to give me the space to feel what I have been medicating myself from and supported me to choose a healthier way of life for myself, with a clear and mindful mind.