Tanya's fundraising page

Tanya Curtis

Hi everyone,
I'm raising money for The Living Room because the charity is helping save lives from the perils of all kinds of addiction every day! The staff guide and support local men and women, young and old, from ALL walks of life through to recovery. It’s inspiring to see their passion and commitment. Their simply amazing!
The Living Room is a ‘SAFE HAVEN’ where so many people, without doubt, can learn so much about this awful disease. Most importantly, clients can gain an under

Christ church (Val, Annie and Johanna)

Annie Hwang

We are fundraising for The Living room as we have personal connections with people whose lives have been transformed by the work you do.

Sammi-Jo Ward's Skydive

Sammi-Jo Ward

I am doing a 10,000 ft skydive to raise funds for a local charity who have been helping families in the community since 2000.

Gareth Watts's fundraising page

Gareth Watts

A unique, free at point of entry, rehab facility for anyone with addiction issues of any kind. Life saving treatment when it is most needed.

26 miles for The Living Room

Vicky Cottom

To support The Living Room in their life changing work

Char Fernandez Living Room Fundraising

Charlotte Fernandez

This is an incredible charity which helps people reclaim their lives from the grips of addiction, both substance and behavioural.

Keeping people connected

Corrin Bye

The Living Room saved my life, gave my husband his wife back and my children their mummy back