4th August 2022

This year marks The Living Room’s 22nd anniversary. Over the span of two decades, we have become an award-winning charity that offers free group therapy to adults in Hertfordshire who are living with addiction. On top of that, we have been community leaders especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic; still providing much needed support to those in need and continue to contribute to Hertfordshire’s post-pandemic community building and recovery. 

On 1st August 2022, we celebrated the opening and use of our new dedicated hub in Watford to our new and existing clients. The new hub provides a platform for us to provide our continued service in Hertfordshire's largest town. The counselling team will be delivering our main group sessions four days a week, and there will be space in an extra counselling room to run specialist groups  

This new hub is a significant milestone for us at The Living Room as, unlike in Stevenage and St Albans, we haven’t had our own dedicated base in Watford until now. Our first Watford home in Meriden was closed for redevelopment and, while we are proud to have helped so many people from our most recent home, we had to share the premises with other community groups, which wasn’t ideal for our clients. Therefore, we are excited about pioneering our new frontier at Watford and hope to continue our commitment and dedication to the community and borough. 

We have achieved a 60% success rate in assisting clients in breaking the cycle of addiction. The Living Room, like most homes, will continue to be a haven for anyone who walks through its doors, particularly in Watford.