10th March 2023

We were delighted to join a select group of Hertfordshire charities to receive the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire award at a glittering ceremony last night.

Now in its 28th year, the ceremony is an opportunity for the incumbent High Sheriff to award those charities which are deemed to have contributed to making Hertfordshire a safer and better place in which to live. This year Sally Burton and her panel put a special focus on charities that helped people with mental health matters and, in particular, issues around addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

Our chief executive, Adrienne (above), commented, "What a wonderful evening. It's so satisfying for the High Sheriff to recognise our charitable efforts in this way. Sally's visit to our Stevenage hub last summer was a memorable occasion as she showed a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by people in Hertfordshire who are living with addiction. One of our major objectives is to confront the stigma that surrounds addiction and in openly backing this cause over the past year, Sally has helped break down these barriers."

The awards ceremony was an opportunity for us to meet up with all the other winners: Herts Vision Loss, CDA Herts, Kaotic Angels Foundation, Recover, ELSA Next Generation, Hand on Heart, HACRO, Resolve and Friends of SADA. Congratulations to all of them.