24th August 2021

Steph Frankish who has been a long time supporter of The Living Room appeared on Bargain Hunt on Monday 23rd August 2021 with her fiancé Chris as 'the blue team'. They were given £300 and one hour at an antiques centre to buy antiques which they have to sell at auction, with the overall aim of making profits and getting the golden gavel!

The couple were filmed in February at King Lynn Antique Centre followed by a day of filming at a nearby venue for the auction at Diss Auction Rooms in March, but Steph was unwilling to part with any spoilers ahead of Monday.

Steph said: "I went on bargain hunt as my Dad is an amateur dealer and I have always been surrounded by antiques so I must admit Bargain Hunt is my guilty pleasure as I watch it on catch up after a stressful day! Chris, my fiancé, wasn't as keen as me on going on the show it but he came around eventually (with only minimal persuading from me!). We had a really fun day! Even if it was a bit strange being around so many people in the middle of a pandemic! Thankfully they took all the precautions so we felt very safe while filming.

Filming took place quite a while ago so it’s been tough not being able to speak about it with everyone as I don’t want to ruin it.

Most people ask me ‘what colour team were you’, 'who was your expert' or 'did you get the golden gavel?' - its hard not to give the game away!"

The show aired at 12.15pm Monday, on BBC 2. Episodes can also be streamed on iPlayer.

The profits raised, a grand total of £87, will be halved between us at The Living Room and Bedford Open Door in memory of Steph's brother Chris Frankish.

We say a special thank you to Steph and Chris for their continued support.

The Living Room