30th September 2019

We officially announced our partnership with drug and alcohol service Spectrum CGL and housing service Emerging Futures at the end of September and both the event and discussions that have taken place over the last few months has given me a chance to think about what a meaningful partnership looks like. 

In health and social care, partner-working is brought up time and time again yet we frequently find that, despite all the dual pathways and endless protocols, the realities of joined-up working don’t always match the dream. 

Why am I excited about our work with Spectrum and Emerging Futures, then? Because everyone here has the same common purpose: Changing Hertfordshire. We all believe that people can change destructive behaviours, that by doing so we’re going to be changing the direction of whole families, breaking the intergenerational despair brought on by addiction and making this county a healthier, happier place for EVERYONE. 

We’re each of us very aware that individually our services have limitations, whether that’s in the treatment we can provide or the individuals we can cater for. But together we can provide full support for people at any stage of addiction. ~ Adrienne

In a packed house, visitors heard talks from our lead counsellors Debbie Coote and Mike Stillwell, Chief Executive Adrienne, Spectrum CGL clinical staff and the service managers for Emerging Futures; as well as guest speakers Tim Hutchings, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Prevention and Iain MacBeath, Director of Adult Care Services at Hertfordshire County Council.

Together we’re going to be working to provide support throughout the entire recovery journey for people with drug and alcohol addictions in Hertfordshire. Spectrum CGL will be working to help people to stay safe and healthy while they reduce their drug/alcohol use (adults and young people), The Living Room will be helping them to sustain life-long recovery and Emerging Futures will provide housing for people who need it at each of the stages of treatment and recovery.