20th December 2018

As we reported earlier this year, The Living Room has been commissioned to provide Hertfordshire County Council's community-based drugs and alcohol rehabilitation programme until 2026. As part of the contract we will soon be offering a new service called Families Living In Recovery, which we are running as a consortium alongside our partners Relate and Family Lives. 

Our chief executive, Adrienne Arthurs, says, "This new service will help us in our goal to break the family cycle of addiction. We're going to provide after-hours and on-line support as not everyone can get to a daily treatment centre. Some people might need fast access to a counsellor or one-to-one counselling. Our work with Relate and Family Lives will help us provide support to more people whose lives are being turned upside down because a loved one is struggling with addiction."

The Living Room will be coordinating its services with Change Grow Live (CGL), which has been commissioned to deliver an all-age substance misuse treatment service throughout Hertfordshire. 

We look forward to keeping you updated with our service developments alongside our partners CGL, Relate and Family Lives.