Bags of Help

TESCO runs a scheme for local organisations to apply to be one the charities of the month, enabling the community to vote when shopping, to support their favourite cause. 

"Congratulations!  On behalf of the Tesco Bags of Help scheme, I am pleased to offer The Living Room Hertfordshire a grant of up to a maximum of £3,991.00. This grant is specifically for the purpose of Furniture for Healing". 

Furniture for Healing

The full grant awarded for being the organisation with the most votes, will enable The Living Room to purchase furniture.  We have over 200 people accessing group support every year in Stevenage and 200 in St Albans, plus many other community groups and fellowships are using our centres out of hours; running into 1,000s of people from the community using our spaces over a year. 

Our seating and environment need to be comfortable as each of our group sessions is an hour and a half every weekday morning and afternoon.  With the grant, we the grant we have been able to update:

  1. Chairs for the group rooms
  2. Coffee tables for group room and one-to-one counselling room
  3. Collapsible tables for workshops

We thank TESCO and the community for this opportunity.  

In addition to the support from TESCO Bags of Help, we received additional grants towards the cost of chairs in St Albans and Stevenage from Robert Clutterbuck Charitable Trust and St Albans Lions Club.  This enabled us to buy more chairs at the same time, which also means we were able to buy better quality to last longer.