11th September 2020

Our new online ‘Fourth centre’ will open on 28th September. Through this additional service, we will provide online group therapy 5 days per week for people who cannot access support from one of our local centres. This way we can make sure that no one is left behind and can get support even if they have transport issues or health concerns.

We have been so happy to see so many new people join us during lockdown for our Zoom sessions and we want to continue this support for you all, even as lockdown restrictions have eased.

In the same way that our Stevenage service could not have reopened without the dedication or staff and volunteers, we want to thank everyone who has helped make the online sessions work so well and the new staff members who will be delivering our virtual service. We also want to say a huge thank you to Hertfordshire Community Foundation, The National Lottery Community Fund and the Government, Collective Voice and Lloyds Bank Foundation, and the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust. Thanks to their support, we can fund this new project for a whole year!