3rd April 2020

From Tuesday 7th April all new clients referred to The Living Room will be assessed by our new Triage Service. Future clients will have an initial assessment with one of our counsellors and then given support to join established ZOOM groups with people from their part of the county. 

In response to the difficulties posed by Covid-19, all of our counselling sessions are currently take place via ZOOM in small group settings, with a minimum of two experienced counsellors. This is proving to be an extremely effective method in supporting our clients on their journey towards recovery in spite of the difficult times we're living through.   

If you need help with yours/ or someone else's addiction, or you are a professional looking to refer a client, please get in touch - we're still here for you! 

Please call between 9am and 12.30pm (Monday-Friday) to make an appointment with your local centre: 

Stevenage - 07383 393 459

St Albans - 07990 112 033

Watford - 01923 590 159