17th June 2019

Some might call it ‘punching above our weight’ but with nearly 20 years of experience in fighting addictions of all types we think size should never be a barrier to success, perceived or otherwise. 

We’re proud to be a small charity that has a big impact and in 2018 we made a real difference in Hertfordshire:

  • 98% of our clients with a drug or alcohol addiction did not return to any treatment service following successful completion of our programme
  • We saved the taxpayer £1.2m in social costs, as a result of 250 people achieving long-term recovery over one year
  • 66% of people achieved long-term recovery or are still actively engaged in non time-limited treatment
  • 100% of family members and carers of someone with an addiction accessed support and reported an improvement in their own health and wellbeing

Small Charities Week runs from the 17th to the 22nd of June and we wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some of the more intimate work our staff do on a daily basis that might not get the coverage they deserve:

We help people with all types of addictions go on to achieve sustainable recovery

Maddie rebuilt a relationship with her daughter after receiving help with her alcohol, relationship and spending issues

Miriam came to The Living Room to recover from her love addiction and obsession with fitness after experiencing a breakdown  

Chloe has learnt to be more open and honest after struggling with an eating disorder for years

We help families and carers to get their lives back!

Amelia received counselling for her co-dependency issues while she was caring for her son who had drug and alcohol problems 

We support volunteers to learn new skills, build self-esteem and find paid employment

Clara learnt new skills and newfound confidence volunteering in our St Albans centre 

David is an ex-client who volunteers in our charity shop helping him to build his self-esteem 

Small charities can leave a really large footprint and are uniquely placed to build closer, stronger ties with the communities they serve. In many cases our centres are just around the corner for our clients and we count ourselves lucky that we can be a visible reminder of recovery in the community.  

If you would like to give eight of our clients the opportunity to find lasting recovery this year, please take a look at our General Appeal for 2019. Or take a look at some of the people who are fundraising on our behalf.