5th May 2022

Our team at The Living Room were delighted to celebrate our Open Day events that took place on the 21st and 28th of April this year.  

The Virtual Open Day took place over Zoom where the main focus were stories from our new, current, and former clients and our journey together over the last two years. Our attendees were able to chat with our clients and counsellors, gain a glimpse of ‘the magic’ happening in our group sessions, and share their own experiences with the group. 

Our Meet and Greet Open Day event took place at our hubs in Stevenage, St Albans and Watford and was the perfect occasion for both the public and our clients to mingle and share their stories. During these events The Living Room celebrated our achievements over the past year: 

  • Free support offered to over 650 people from April 2021 
  • Support offered to 145 family members and carers of people living with addiction 
  • Over 1500 referrals and enquiries over the year
  • 68% graduation rate compared to the national rate of 50% 
  • 73% disclosed mental health challenges 

Over 50 members of local government, charities, psychologists and practitioners registered their interest in the Open Day events - twenty-two of which attended the Stevenage location alone. Rita Cooper, our Clinical Director, described the event as a “wonderful experience to see our doors open again. It has been far too long since we last met the public and both we and our clients were delighted to meet everyone over cake and tea.” 

The success of the events can be summed up in the comments left by our participants:  

  • “Thank you for making me so welcome. An amazing place!” – Charlotte 
  • “Fantastic place. Cannot speak highly enough of it” 
  • “Incredible!! Amazing people & amazing stories & successes. Well done, Keep up the fantastic work!”