11th February 2022

The word recovery, you'll find, is often used in rehabilitation or addiction services. The definition of recovery is "a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength." Therefore, this definition's end goal is to return to a more natural, happier and controlled state or situation. However, there isn't much discussion about the journey, which is an uphill battle. 

At The Living Room, we wanted to provide some great insight into the steps needed to reach recovery as the journey is a much bigger picture; so, we created the 'Twelve Months of Recovery' campaign.

The campaign will be highlighting a step on the journey of recovery for each month, which we will post via our social mediums for a week. (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). We will provide information, importance and inspiration to each step. In addition, we want to add expertise and experience from our counsellors and clients about the significance each step brings. 

We have already begun. Our first step highlighted in January 2022 was 'Honesty'. Honesty can be a difficult process when walking towards recovery, as you are vulnerable with yourself and others around you. It is rewarding as it frees you from the anxiety and stress holding you, lowers the voice of denial and increases reflection and self-improvement. Embracing honesty increases your chances of recovery. 

Next week, from the 14th -18th February, we will be focused on the second step on our journey 'Hope'. Please follow our socials: @livingroomherts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), share and spread awareness about this journey that people go through and how rewarding it is for themselves and the people around them when they reach the end.