7th June 2021

Volunteers Week has come to an end and this year, with our hubs reopening and things (sort of) going back to normal, it has been a great opportunity to welcome back our incredible volunteers.  

We’ve said it before, but now, more than ever, it bears repeating: we wouldn’t exist without the support of our volunteers


Volunteer counsellors and peer mentors inspiring our clients, crèche volunteers looking after their children, art therapists bringing a bit of creativity to our groups, office support making sure all the boring (but essential) work gets done, our amazing shop staff raising the funds that keep us afloat and keeping us close to our local community – all of them bring so much to The Living Room and help make our charity a success.  

‘It’s a really happy place to work and I feel that I’m giving something back to the community which is very satisfying. They couldn’t manage without volunteers so I feel like I’m serving a purpose and being helpful...It’s so great to be back to almost normal...It would be great to have more people join us and get the benefits we get, I really really enjoy it so come on board!’- Jackie (Shops volunteer) 

Many of our volunteers have been here for years and plenty of them have gone on (deservedly) to paid roles within our charity.  

Our volunteers dedicate a lot of time to giving back and learning new skills - we have 12 placement counsellors doing a fantastic job right now and we’ve had around 250 volunteers in our shops since they first opened – and after such a tough year, we’re so happy to have them all back.  

‘I found it so inspiring and got a lot out of it myself, I got involved in fundraising which included the local community, and it just brings so many people together, there’s a lot of wellbeing involved with being a volunteer. Just being able to provide our service, I really enjoy being a volunteer...it’s just a fantastic thing to be able to do’ - Sheena (Volunteer Receptionist 2010-12, member of staff 2012- now)

We’ve shared a whole heap of videos from our volunteers and our staff this week, so if you haven’t already, have a listen to some of their volunteer stories. 

It’s also a good time to learn more about what volunteering at The Living Room is like and what you can personally get out of it.  

‘The Living Room have had a life changing impact on my life and the life of my family and I wanted to give something back...I’ve enjoyed being part of such a caring professional community and everyone I meet has been respectful and warm and friendly... if anyone is thinking of being a volunteer, I’d encourage you. It’s probably the most valuable thing you can do, giving up time to make a difference and build real relationships in this difficult time.’ - Sarah (Placement Counsellor)

If you're feeling inspired by our volunteer stories, you can find out even more information in this interview our Community Fundraiser and Marketing Officer Lara did with the University of Hertfordshire RaG society, skip to 9:21 to hear all about our volunteering opportunities: