Over the past six days, to celebrate #volunteersweek, The Living Room has been highlighting the fantastic contribution made to the charity by some of our volunteers. Those of you who follow us on Facebook will have read daily posts from people who give up their time, skills and knowledge to help our operation. 

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our charity. They all play a crucial role in the running of our charity shops, staging our fundraising events, mentoring our clients and the operation of our back offices. Here's why they do it:


Sue likes to volunteer at our charity shop, Revival, to help The Living Room raise money. She enjoys the company of the team and getting out of the house, mixing with others and the feeling of being part of a family. She has been volunteering for six years and feels being part of Revival gives her something to aim for, keeping her healthy and happy.

Richard started volunteering as a mentor 6 years ago and quotes “if you want to keep it, give it away” as his reason for doing what he does. Richard was recognised in the Comet Awards as a finalist for his volunteering too. We appreciate his desire to give back, our clients and staff are grateful to him, for his dedication.

Morgan has been a mentor at The Living Room since the beginning of 2018 and has already become an invaluable member of our team. "Volunteering has brightened my life, my week, my days. I've met some wonderful people here and it's fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes. It's a privilege to meet new clients as they come in and see how they grow during their recovery here."

Pam has been ever-present at The Living Room's centre in St Albans since it opened in 2012. She is one of many volunteers who helps our office manager, Ann, run such a slick operation. Pam says, "It's always been a pleasure to work here. The clients here are inspirational, I've learned a host of new skills and made life-long friends."

Sue is one of our many volunteers who works at Revival Charity Shops Stevenage. Sue has been working at Revival for eight years and the position plays an important role in her life. "I love the comradeship it has bought me. We all take great pride in making sure the shop is well stocked and looks good. I really enjoy the banter we have with the public - it's brought me so much."

Ann has been with us for a year and joined as a way of meeting new people. "When I first arrived in Stevenage, I didn't know many people and I was depressed after the recent loss of my husband. I love the idea behind Revival and working here has really boosted my confidence and lifted me from my depression. The people here are wonderful."

The Living Room would like to thank each of our 60 volunteers for their wonderful contribution. We simply would not exist without them!