Sleepout so a homeless person doesn't have to 

St Albans Sleepout is an annual event that raises money for charities that help the homeless in Hertfordshire. The Living Room is proud to join four other charities - Centre 33, Emmaus, Herts Young Homeless (hyh) and Open Door as an official supporter of St Albans Sleepout 2021.  

Addiction and homelessness 

Drug or alcohol misuse often play a part in a person's experience of homelessness. National homeless charity, Crisis, reports that 27% of its clients reported problematic drug/alcohol use. Two thirds of homeless people cite drug or alcohol use as a reason for first becoming homeless. Those who use drugs are seven times more likely to be homeless.   

For many of our clients, recovery from addiction is the first step in their way out of homelessness.  

Help us in our fight against addiction and homelessness by sponsoring someone in the St Albans Sleepout. Find out more here.