Stevenage Centre

Our Stevenage Centre (est. 2000) hosts 5 days a week daytime group therapy for all addictions. Additional weekly group support sessions are available for drug addiction and a Friends and Family treatment programme. Read more

St Albans Centre

St Albans centre provides all addiction day-time group therapy for 5 days a week. St Albans also has additional support groups for Disordered Eating and a separate Family and Carers group once a week. Read more

The Living Room Crèche (Stevenage)

Our Stevenage crèche provides free early years care, enabling parents to access treatment for their addictions and support to help improve their parenting skills and relationships with their children. Read more

Charity Shops

For many decades, The Living Room Charity Shops have been recycling unwanted goods and finding them new homes. Both the main shop and the children's shop have become important resources in our community. Read more

Watford Centre

Our newest centre opened in Watford on April 1st 2019. The centre is open four days a week (Monday to Thursday) with a day time group for all addictions and a weekly Family and Carers group. Read more