Stevenage Centre

Our Stevenage Centre plays host to our main counselling session as well as break-out therapy sessions for single sex groups, drug addiction and our Friends and Family treatment programme.Read more

St Albans Centre

Our treatment centre in St Albans was established in 2012 and is now thriving. We address all addictions in our main counselling group as well as a specialist eating disorder group and a friends and family therapy group once a week.Read more

Happy Days creche (Stevenage)

Our Stevenage crèche provides free early years care, enabling parents to access treatment for their addictions and support to help improve their parenting skills and relationships with their children.Read more

Charity Shops

For many decades, Charity Shops have been recycling unwanted goods and finding them new homes. We are proud to continue in this tradition and have named our two charity shops ‘Revival’ because that which is no longer shiny or new can still be worthy of love, use and purpose.Read more