Are you a gradute from The Living Room? We have introduced a monthly Aftercare Group facilitated by at least one counsellor in each Hub. The group has been formed to provide graduates an opportunity to stay connected and to seek further advice, support or signposting from us. There are also opportunities available to return and give a 'chair' to current clients and perhaps become a mentor, sponsor or supporter. 

Group Times:

Stevenage - 1st Tuesday of the month (3-4)

St Albans - Last Thursday of the month (3-4)

Watford - 3rd Wednesday of the month (3-4)


'Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. It was a charming life affirming event and it caught me off guard how it much it felt like coming home. It felt like a much needed practical way of saying thank you for all you do and The Living Room's absolutely vital role in changing my life for the better.

I think the once a month format is great as a way of informally touching base and maintaining a connection while allowing us to use the gift of sobriety to live a full life without too much of a time commitment.

I'd be delighted to come back and talk to the group and would consider it a privilege. Thanks again to you and the other counsellors who work so hard. I couldn't do what you do, but the group yesterday was living proof that it works miracles.'

~ Watford Graduate