DJ started coming to The Living Room to treat his drug and alcohol misuse. Since coming here, he has realised that he has had to address his addiction around love and relationships.

"I came to The Living Room to address my issues around continuous alcohol and drug substance misuse. Although I had some abstinence when I came to this programme, I am here to get to the root causes of why I do these behaviours in the first place. I realise that long before my misuse of alcohol and drugs, I had problems growing up. Even as a child I felt different. Different as in isolated – I didn’t feel part of things, I always felt like an outsider looking in – always felt that. I didn’t feel like other children I suppose. I carried a lot of resentment because of that.

My rock bottom was a progressive one. A daily cycle of going to work, coming home, obsessing constantly over alcohol and consuming large amounts of alcohol the moment i was by myself and then drugs on top of that. I just didn't like being with me and I got to the point where I was trapped in doing the same thing every day. There was no point to life any more. There was no purpose. I didn’t find anything enjoyable. The things that I thought were enjoyable were the the things that weren’t enjoyable - being alone and getting wasted. But in fact I began to realise that wasn't enjoyable at all.

I cried for help to my sister and I told her I wanted to hang myself. I really just wanted someone to take notice. I texted her saying bring a rope round. She reported it to my mum and my mum got in the car and got me to go to residential rehab.

My mum went to the doctors and I got referred here. The day I got out of residential I went straight here the following morning.

 I wouldn’t say life at The Living Room is easy because you're having to listen to other people’s problems which is not easy to hear. Some people have dark stuff and it can bring you down with it. Then you get other days and it makes you feel more positive. No two days are the same here – it is just so unpredictable. But that’s life isn’t it."