On Saturday 2nd July 2022, our special event (Retail Recovery) was all systems go at The Living Room in Stevenage. The theme of Retail Recovery was all about sustainability, covering a broad range of topics from environmental preservation to promoting social growth; at The Living Room, we do everything to empower individuals’ social and personal growth.

The event was vibrant and full of life. Attendants who entered were met with countless options at the buzzing marketplace, which held renowned quality brands in top conditions at unmissable prices. People constantly weaving in and out of stalls were amazed that most of these top brands were donated through The Living Room charity shops, which are fully operational thanks to the work of our amazing volunteers. If you would like to know more, visit our charity shops webpage.

The prime rib of the event was ‘The Fashion Show’. Ticket holders were greeted and ushered into their seats and watched in high definition a fun and entertaining fashion experience powered by community spirit. Models paced and strutted their designer outfits in exemplary form, walking up and down the runaway with the help of our charismatic host and volunteers backstage.


Last and not least, there were sweet nibbles and cupcakes enjoyed by avid bargain enthusiasts, a mocktail stall that quenched the thirsts of brand hunters and lively music which kept spirits upbeat. The event as a whole was more than we imagined and a huge success.

 At The Living Room, we are happy that we could host such a memorable event and understand the many hands involved in making it possible. We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped leading to the event and participated in any capacity. We’d also like to thank the various organisations who donated all the incredible prizes for the raffles.


We look forward to running more events like Retail Recovery, and if you would like to keep up to date on what we're doing next, please visit our events page on our website.